Spinal Cord Injury Awareness

A personal story. In August 2021, our lives changed abruptly when a car accident left our 17-year-old son paralyzed. This experience has taught us that life can change in the blink of eye, urging us to cherish each moment, learn from the challenges, and embrace the present.

Through this adversity, we've witnessed the incredible impact of community support, both near and far. The kindness we've received has illuminated our darkest moments, leaving us profoundly grateful.

By sharing our personal story, we aim to raise awareness about Spinal Cord Injury and its far-reaching impact on individuals, families, and close circles, while also highlighting the absence of a current cure.

Each item in this collection contributes to causes, families, or purposes detailed in their descriptions.  

Thank you for reading and showing interest - it truly makes a difference.

#SCI and Our Journey